I'm now working on implementing the function to swipe to the next page for people to browse. Yeah, it's just like the swipe function of Tinder. I have searched the Internet but only found swipe to delete. Can anyone give me a hint?


What you want is PageView

It's a widget that includes all the logic for page swipe gestures.


You may use GestureDetector. it has almost all drags available. Here is an example:

  onHorizontalDragEnd: (DragEndDetails details) => _onHorizontalDrag(details),
  child: Container()

and the function:

void _onHorizontalDrag(DragEndDetails details) {
  if(details.primaryVelocity == 0) return; // user have just tapped on screen (no dragging)

    if (details.primaryVelocity.compareTo(0) == -1)
      print('dragged from left');
      print('dragged from right');

You can do something like this..

GestureDetector (
  onPanUpdate: (dis) {
    if (dis.delta.dx > 0) {
      //User swiped from left to right
    } else if (dis.delta.dx < 0) {
      //User swiped from right to left
  child: yourWidget,

Hope it answers your question..

  • Just note there is a typo on the onPanUpdate method name :) – Brady Edgar Jul 12 '20 at 22:26
  • It's corrected now.. thanks for that :) – srikanth7785 Jul 13 '20 at 9:12

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