After applying heading, the result I want is like this: the upper line with the word "Chapter" and a automatic number of chapter, and the lower line with the name of chapter

enter image description here

And corresponding table of contents need just take the number of chapter and the name of chapter, not the word "Chapter", like this

enter image description here

I have tried to remove the word "Chapter" from the numbering setting, the corresponding table of contents is OK, but the result item itself will have only number+nameOfChapter.

You can achieve this with TC fields which contain the chapter numbers. However they won't be automatically numbered. There might be a way to get them to autonumber by meddling with the styles etc but I haven't tried that part. In terms of your TOC look and feel, try this with TC fields....

To add a TC field, go to the Insert ribbon, then Quick Parts, choose Field... and scroll in the left list till you see TC. Type Chapter 1 into the 'Text entrybox and1` into Outline level. Press OK to insert it at the current cursor point

Now amend your TOC by pressing ALT+F9 to show field codes.

Update it like this, making sure you replace 'style' with the name of heading style used for your Graphical modeling... bit.

{TOC \o "1-1" \f \t "style,2" \n 1-1}

If your style is called Alex Style then change it to:

{TOC \o "1-1" \f \t "Alex Style,2" \n 1-1}

To explain what's happening in the TOC, see below:

`\o "1-1"` - this omits page numbers from level 1 (chapter 1 - we don't want a page number on that bit, if i've understood correctly. Change it to `\o "1-2"` to remove the page number for the `Graphical modeling` line too.)

`\f` - allows the `TC` field to be included in the TOC

`\t "style,2"` - adds a style other than the built-in heading styles to the TOC. We want this custom style to be on level 2 so it appears under the TC field. 

`\n 1-1` - probably redundant as it does what `\o "1-1" does.

Once you've amended this field code, right click the TOC and Update field then Update entire table.

Some images below which might help to illustrate it better. Note that I am using a style called Block Paragraph 1 and my TOC may well look different to yours but the principal is the same.

TOC with field codes showing TOC with field codes off

A good resource for anything to do with TOCs is this page:

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