Ok while watching a tutorial I stupidly missed the part that you have to add a shape in object mode to create a new object. Well I now have 5 shapes in one object and can't color them differently. If I wasn't as far in I would just recreate them, but I would be so grateful if someone knew of a way to extract them into new objects or break apart the single object i have.

Object created from UV Sphere and added 3 other UV Spheres and a Cylinder inside that object.

Im using Blender 2.5, if that matters.

While waiting for an answer I found another way to make them different objects. I went into Object mode duplicated my object 4 other times and deleted all but one shape from each duplication... allowing me to have a shape per object.

NOTE : I will still give anyone credit for an answer if they can actually tell me if there is a way to break one object into multiple.

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Go into vertex mode with Tab, select the vertices or faces you want to remove, then remove with P. See the docs for more information.


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