I have an Implementation of ActionMode to display the number of multi selected items in a RecyclerView.

I would like to know when the back button in the actionMode is tapped so as to correspondingly reset the recyclerView but while implementing the ActionMode.Callback, i noticed that onDestroyActionMode is called whenever ActionMode is updated thus actionMode?.setTitle($selectedItems.size), which makes it impossible reset the recyclerView - remove selected items, remove overlay color and notify the recyclerview of data set changed. Mulltiselection

Here's my Callback

inner class ActionModeCallback : ActionMode.Callback {
    override fun onActionItemClicked(mode: ActionMode?, item: MenuItem?): Boolean {
        when (item?.getItemId()) {
            R.id.action_delete -> {
                actionMode?.setTitle("") //remove item count from action mode.
                return true
        return false

    override fun onCreateActionMode(mode: ActionMode?, menu: Menu?): Boolean {
        val inflater = mode?.getMenuInflater()
        inflater?.inflate(R.menu.action_mode_menu, menu)
        return true

    override fun onPrepareActionMode(mode: ActionMode?, menu: Menu?): Boolean {
        return true

    override fun onDestroyActionMode(mode: ActionMode?) {
        Log.d(TAG, "onDestroyActionMode Called")
        actionMode = null

How Can i know when the ActionMode back button is tapped? Full source code Here =>https://github.com/Edge-Developer/RecyclerViewMultiSelectExample

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Holy Gosh. It was my fault, i was starting a New ActionMode each time an item is selected (through an interface on MainActivity) instead of checking if it has already been started before starting a new One.

Here was my code

actionMode = startActionMode(ActionModeCallback())

Here is the updated code

if (actionMode == null) actionMode = startActionMode(ActionModeCallback())

now, the onDestroyActionMode is called only once, after the actionMode is dismissed!

You can check the github repo on how's it was implemented

This problem was faced while implementing multiselection on a recyclerView.

  • What is the use of onPrepareActionMode? When it is called and what should we generally do there. I have gone through the docs but didn't get it right. Dec 9, 2020 at 17:30

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