I'm having some problems with a document in couch DB because I can't update this document without the conflict error. The DB is used on single node

When I try to get the document directly by the url I get different revisions, based on the way I try to get this doc.

When I make a request by the Id I get the new version: http://localhost:5984/my_db/a38f88a5f34e0be1fed424abfb02eefb

  "_id": "a38f88a5f34e0be1fed424abfb02eefb",
  "_rev": "14-7d6c2bd805fb124be923f8ae755e52ed",
  "$doctype": "docType"

But when I make a request using a view I get the old version http://localhost:5984/my_db/_design/des_doc/_view/some_view?key=%22a38f88a5f34e0be1fed424abfb02eefb%22

  "id": "a38f88a5f34e0be1fed424abfb02eefb",
  "key": "a38f88a5f34e0be1fed424abfb02eefb",
  "value": {
    "_id": "a38f88a5f34e0be1fed424abfb02eefb",
    "_rev": "13-b16eef70a8247298259d293d940edd9a",
    "$doctype": "scale"

Why this is happening?

EDIT: conflicts=true does not change the result revs_info=true has this output


EDIT2: I was under the impression that the problem here was that the views were not getting the new version of the docs. I can't see why this happened. But forcing the views to be refreshed, by making small changes to the code, solved the problem.

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