I have trouble with making an "add role" command in discord.py. I don't know what is wrong; it just doesn't work.

async def addrole(ctx):
    user = ctx.message.author
    role = discord.utils.get(user.server.roles, name="Test")
    await client.add_roles(user, role)
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    Are you getting any output in the terminal you're running the bot from? Are you on the rewrite branch? (if you aren't sure the answer is probably no). Are you using discord.ext.commands.Bot? – Patrick Haugh Mar 2 '18 at 21:29
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    Yes im usinng discord.ext.commands.bot and i have output in terminal with succesfull load but in async def addrole(HERE) i have problem – BasicCoderr Mar 3 '18 at 7:41
from discord.ext import commands
from discord.utils import get

bot = commands.Bot(command_prefix='!')

@commands.has_role("Admin") # This must be exactly the name of the appropriate role
async def addrole(ctx):
    member = ctx.message.author
    role = get(member.server.roles, name="Test")
    await bot.add_roles(member, role)

I think the only real mistake in your code is the lack of pass_context=True in the @bot.command decorator. You may have seen some code without this, but that likely belongs to the experimental "rewrite" branch of

async def giverole(ctx, user: discord.Member, role: discord.Role):
    await user.add_roles(role)
    await ctx.send(f"hey {ctx.author.name}, {user.name} has been giving a role called: {role.name}")
roleVer = 'BOT' #role to add
user = ctx.message.author #user
role = roleVer # change the name from roleVer to role

await ctx.send("""Attempting to Verify {}""".format(user))
    await user.add_roles(discord.utils.get(user.guild.roles, name=role)) #add the role
except Exception as e:
    await ctx.send('There was an error running this command ' + str(e)) #if error
    await ctx.send("""Verified: {}""".format(user)) # no errors, say verified
async def addrole(ctx, member : discord.Member, role : discord.Role):
    await member.add_roles(role)

usage: !addrole [member] [role]

NOTE : the bot can only give roles lower than him !


Here is a role command for you!

@commands.has_permissions(administrator=True) #permissions
async def role(ctx, user : discord.Member, *, role : discord.Role):
  if role.position > ctx.author.top_role.position: #if the role is above users top role it sends error
    return await ctx.send('**:x: | That role is above your top role!**') 
  if role in user.roles:
      await user.remove_roles(role) #removes the role if user already has
      await ctx.send(f"Removed {role} from {user.mention}")
      await user.add_roles(role) #adds role if not already has it
      await ctx.send(f"Added {role} to {user.mention}") 

Aswell as errors:

async def role_error(ctx, error):
  if isinstance(error, MissingPermissions):
    await ctx.send('**:x: | You do not have permission to use this command!**')

Now that its finished, you have a role command!

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