I need to propagate all controller $data inside all parts of a view (header, top, sidebar-left, sidebar-right, footer) and as I do not know the correct method of performing this task, I'm sending $data to all parts that build this view.

class MY_Loader extends CI_Loader {

    public function loader_page($views, $data = null){

        $this->view("incs/header",              $data);
        $this->view("incs/top",                 $data);
        $this->view("incs/sidebar-left",        $data);
        $this->view("incs/system_messages",     $data);
        $this->view($views,                     $data);
        $this->view("incs/sidebar-right",       $data);
        $this->view("incs/footer",              $data);

Does anyone know the correct way to perform this task without sending $data in all parts that build the view?

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  • What don't you like about the current way you are doing things? Is it not working? And why are you overriding/adding a loader function? Just make a template model or something to do this. No need to extend the loader class. – Alex Mar 3 '18 at 2:00
  • The only other way I could see getting $data to every view without having to do it this way would involve modifications to the core - it wouldn't improve anything, and I don't see anything wrong with the way you are doing things (aside from maybe moving this to a model). – Alex Mar 3 '18 at 2:05

You should extend from MY_Controller try this .

in application/core/MY_Controller.php

class MY_Controller extends CI_Controller{

    public function loader_page($views, $data = []){

       $this->load->view("incs/header",              $data);
       $this->load->view("incs/top",                 $data);
       $this->load->view("incs/sidebar-left",        $data);
       $this->load->view("incs/system_messages",     $data);
       $this->load->view($views,                     $data);
       $this->load->view("incs/sidebar-right",       $data);
       $this->load->view("incs/footer",              $data);



in your controller

class Inicio extends MY_Controller{

   public function __construct(){

   public function index() {
       $data['title'] = 'Your title';
       $this->loader_page('forms', $data);


hope this helps

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