I have an object contains multiple common key-value props, that I want to pass on to some jsx. Something like this:

const commonProps = {myProp1: 'prop1',myProp2: 'prop2'};
<MyJsx commonProps />

I want this to function as passing individual props:

<MyJsx myProp1={commonProps.myProp1} myProp2={commonProps.myProp2}/>

Is this possible?


Is this possible?

Yes its possible, but the way you are sending it is not correct.

The meaning of <MyJsx commonProps /> is:

<MyJsx commonProps={true} />

So if you don't specify any value, by default it will take true. To pass the object, you need to write it like this:

const commonProps = {myProp1: 'prop1',myProp2: 'prop2'};
<MyJsx commonProps={commonProps} />


If you have an object and want to pass all the properties as separate prop, write it like this:

<MyJsx {...commonProps} />
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    This is not what I need. I edited my question so it will be more clear. I need the props to be sent as individual props
    – Sabrina
    Mar 3 '18 at 7:12
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    updated the answer, please check. Write it like this: <MyJsx {...commonProps} /> Mar 3 '18 at 7:17
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    just what I needed
    – Sabrina
    Mar 3 '18 at 7:22
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    Yes! Else I ended up doing things like <p>{props.props.hello}</p>
    – Juan Lanus
    Oct 19 '18 at 22:57
  • What about a single value? Instead of <Component prop1={prop1} />, something like <Component {...prop1} /> Can't get it working. Sep 29 at 19:58

You can use the spread operator to do this.

You can simply do <MyJsx {...commonProps} />

Now what all individual properties you have in commonProps will be sent as individual props to MyJsx.


You need to use double braces, like this:

messages={{tile:'Message 1'}}

Or to pass many objects:

messages={[{title:'Message 1', name: 'Andrew'}, {title:'Message 2', name: 'Greg'}]}

It's simply JS syntax inside braces.

A final component might look like this

<Chat title="Some str" messages={[{title:'Message 1', name: 'Andrew'}, {title:'Message 2', name: 'Greg'}]} />

You can pass props as object in two ways:-

const commonProps = {myProp1: 'prop1',myProp2: 'prop2'};

1.Using spread Operator:-

<MyJsx {...commonProps} />

2.Simply pass that props:-

<MyJsx commonProps = {commonProps ? commonProps : true} />

Can also do something like this:

<MyJsx objectProps={{

This way you don't have to write prop1: prop1 (if it is a variable or function such as state setState).

It can then be accessed in the component using destructuring: let { prop1, prop2 } = props.objectProps

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