I have a projector which is fixed in a position too close to the screen so the image is too large. Yes I know, buy a new projector.....

Anyway, using Kodi calibration options I am able to easily adjust the position and size of the screen without too much quality loss.



I notice here there is an xrandrid, does this mean I can use this directly to achieve the same with xrandr so the whole ubuntu desktop is adjusted to fit?

If not, what would achieve the same using xrandr? So far I think I have nailed the left and top settings but not sure if I need to combine with scale or which of these number represent bottom and right if I can do the whole thing in transform:

xrandr --output HDMI-1 --mode 1920x1080  --transform 1,0,-121,0,1,-21,0,0,1

Many thanks in advance to all those who don't tell me to physically move the projector

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