I'm using the following struct:

struct Item : Codable {

    var category:String
    var birthDate:Date
    var switch:Bool
    var weightNew: [Weight]
    var weightOld: Array<Double>
    var createdAt:Date
    var itemIdentifier:UUID
    var completed:Bool

    func saveItem() {
        DataManager.save(self, with: itemIdentifier.uuidString)

    func deleteItem() { DataManager.delete(itemIdentifier.uuidString)

    mutating func markAsCompleted() {
        self.completed = true
        DataManager.save(self, with: itemIdentifier.uuidString)


And for weight:

struct Weight {
    var day:Int
    var weight:Double
    var type:Bool

After changing weightOld to weightNew I get two errors: - Type 'Item' does not conform to protocol 'Decodable' - Type 'Item' does not conform to protocol 'Codable'

If I leave out 'var weightNew: [Weight]' it works. Don't know what is happening and how to solve it... Help is appreciated.

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    struct Weight: Codable { ... } – Rob Mar 3 '18 at 18:19

Everything needs to be Codable. So far your Weight struct is not Codable. Update Weight to be Codable as well and then Item will be Codable.

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