So, I'm in a bit of a weird place. I have a local mediawiki install I've been trying to get running.

Installation went off without a hitch, however I cannot access the wiki when it uses the more normal URL ("localhost/mywiki/index.php/Main_Page"). However, it works fine when using the so-called 'ugly' URL ("localhost/mywiki/index.php?title=Main_Page").

So, with that in mind, I've been trying to set up my mediawiki (version 1.29) to use the "ugly URL"s via the "$wgArticlePath" setting. I've tried a number of different setups, including the following:

  • $wgArticlePath = "$wgScript?title=$1";
  • $wgArticlePath = "$wgScriptPath?title=$1";
  • $wgArticlePath = "$wgScriptPath/wgScript?title=$1";

But none of them will actually return what I need them to. If anyone has more experience with mediawiki, I'd appreciate the assist.

  • Have you tried to enable the rewrite module of Apache? – AnthonyB Mar 3 '18 at 21:22

Try to set $wgUsePathInfo to false. Or set up a nice URL with the short URL builder.

  • Setting the $wgUsePathInfo to false absolutely fixed the issue, you thank you, Tgr! The short url builder, sadly, doesn't seem to want to work; I suspect because the wiki is a purely local affair, with no connection to the greater online network.Either way, cheers! – The Winter One Mar 5 '18 at 0:06

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