Where can I find an online interactive console for programming language or api?

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    There is a nice list of such tools by Joel Franusic – kuszi Jan 17 '11 at 22:38
  • @kuszi thanks for the link. Your post is definitely the answer – OnesimusUnbound May 27 '11 at 4:27

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@kuszi Put a great answer as a comment to the question, but I almost missed it because it was a comment rather than the answer.

This link goes to a huuuge list of REPs and REPLs for tons of languages.

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    That online Python interpreter is basically worthless for learning Python. You can't define your own functions or classes, so it's not going to be much use to anyone. – Eli Courtwright Sep 8 '08 at 3:38
  • dead links -- see repl.it instead – Andrei Apr 22 '12 at 19:33

repl.it supports multiple languages including Python, Ruby, Lua, Scheme, CoffeeScript, QBasic, Forth,...the list goes on.

  • That Ruby interpreter is off for some reason. a = Time.new produces an error. It does say Beta on the link, but wow. – jcollum Jul 18 '12 at 21:18

Google has an online interactive shell for Python.

  • this shell has some major bugs. I couldn't manipulate an object property inside an object method – andho Jun 17 '11 at 16:06

Skulpt is a Python implementation in JavaScript. Pretty cool.


_Why made one for Ruby

  • Why am I getting downvoted here? marxidad just duplicated this information – Nick Retallack Oct 3 '08 at 20:22

http://www.codepad.org/? It has support for a few languages, including perl, scheme, c/c++, python, lua and more.


You can play around with jsScheme for Scheme, but it's a toy and shouldn't replace a console-based interpreter.


You can try this http://doc.pyschools.com/console. It is actually an editor, and is good for testing your python code online when you do not have it installed on your computer.


python web console, and I was able to run the code below

# Script text here
import itertools

g = itertools.chain("AB", range(2))

print g.next()
print g.next()
print g.next()
print g.next()

http://repl.it/ is a Python in a browser without Java or Silverlight (as well as dozen of other languages compiled to JavaScript).


Firebug Lite for Javascript. And, Rainbow 9 was one of the first examples of online REPLs.


http://lotrepls.appspot.com/ is a console that works reasonably well for all these scripting languages:

  • python
  • ruby
  • groovy
  • beanshell
  • clojure
  • javascript
  • scala
  • scheme

Just hit CTRL+SPACE to switch languages or use the metacommand '/switch', for example '/switch clojure' to start coding in clojure.

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