What do you understand by ip based telecommunications? Does it includes CDMA, UMTS, LTE, HSPA, IP telephony?

Thank you.


Well, there is a lot of theory and information behind this, but, in a few words, ip based communications are those who uses the IP (Internet Protocol). This means:

  1. The connected devices must have an IP number
  2. The connected devices send and receive data as datagrams (also known as packets)
  3. They might rely on bigger network approaches like TCP/IP stack or OSI model

So, everything with an IP number/address uses an IP based communication, and, as far as I know, CDMA, UMTS, LTE and HSPA don't use IP's to send data. They are more likely to be the infrastructure of telecommunications (layer 1 and 2 in OSI model, and Layer 1 in TCP/IP), they care about how to physically link devices in a network, and IP cares about how to use those links to send data through it.

I'd recommend you to read about TCP and OSI model

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