How can I format, according to Locale.getDefault() of device, a float greater than 999.

For decimal format currently I'm using this:

DecimalFormat decim = new DecimalFormat("#.##");

And for thousand separator:

tv.setText(String.format(Locale.getDefault(), "%,d", someInt));

How can I combine both if I want to display 3.678,66 (or 3,678.66 - depending of Locale.getDefault())?


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This did the trick:

DecimalFormat decim = new DecimalFormat("#,###.##");

You can try

NumberFormat.getInstance().format(my number)

to format to default locale

  • Will this limit display to two decimals places, as in the example I posted? I want to format to default locale, but as in the code shown - two decimal places max, only if necessary (ie. not 3.678,00).
    – Rodia
    Commented Mar 4, 2018 at 13:42

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