The title says it all. For example, the sample graph below, reproduced from Stata's first example of the twoway contour graph type, how would one suppress the vertical bar on the right with the five categories ranging from blue/7,600 to red/8,100. I know I can suppress (or alter) the "Depth (ft)" part by modifying the ztitle option.

sysuse sandstone
twoway contour depth northing easting

Example Stata contour graph.

If it matters, I am using Stata 14.2.

  • The usual , legend(off) is ignored. I think because the legend is constructed with special-purpose code. You can remove the legend in the Graph Editor. Not sure why anyone would want to do that. – Nick Cox Mar 5 at 8:48
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Try clegend (rather than legend):

twoway contour depth northing easting, clegend(off) aspectratio(1)

This is documented under help legend_options or help clegend_option.

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