We had initially installed tesseract 3.04 in centos 7, and know switching to tesseract 3.05. We have un-installed the older versions and have already installed leptonica-1.75.3 downloaded from leptonica home site.

But, when we go for installing tesseract 3.05, we get following error checking for LEPTONICA... no configure: error: Leptonica 1.74 or higher is required. Try to install libleptonica-dev package.

when running ./configure in console in tesseract-3.05.01 folder.

Need to know, where the issue is.


The configure script uses pkg-config to see if the leptonica libs are installed (and have the required version).

After you have compiled and installed leptonica from source code you have to manually tell pkg-config where to find the lept.pc config file which is installed with leptonica. Set the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable so it points to the location of lept.pc. If you installed leptonica to its default location you should do:

$ export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig/

before running configure for tesseract.


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