Is there a javascript function that takes a string and converts it into another string that is percent-encoded? That way something like "This Guy" turns into "This%20Guy".



Try encodeURIComponent() or escape()


encodeURI, encodeURIComponent or escape will work the same way for your string, but they differ in details.

encodeURI is just for escaping URLs
encodeURIComponent also escapes = and &
escape works differently with non-ASCII unicode symbols

encodeURI("Ω") === encodeURIComponent("Ω") === "%CE%A9"
escape("Ω") === "%u03A9"

if you need to send a string as part of request, use encodeURIComponent

  • encodeURIComponent also escapes / – Peter Grainger May 8 '18 at 9:57

Yes, here is

escape('This Guy');

Try this encodeURIComponent()

var stringToDecode = "J&K";

var encodedString = encodeURIComponent(stringToDecode );

Use decodeURIComponent() to decode it again when needed

More Info here



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