We have pdf documents stored in an SQL Server database table. These pdf documents are retrieved by a web service and until recently displayed 'as is' in the browser.

A new requirement is to have a header applied to each page of the pdf before it is rendered. The header is a png image file which we add to the pdf in the OnEndPage event shown below.

If we do not add the image the pdf opens without problem but if we add the image it will no longer open in Adobe Reader because the dict object is missing.

Any help is much appreciated.

/// <summary>
/// This is where the header and footer get added to the pdf
/// </summary>
/// <param name="writer"></param>
/// <param name="doc"></param>
public override void OnEndPage(PdfWriter writer, Document doc)
    if (_headerImage != null)
        _headerImage.SetAbsolutePosition(_xOffset, doc.PageSize.Height - (_headerImage.Height + _yOffset));


    if (_footerImage != null)
  • Showing only the OnEndPage method does not make your issue reproducible. Please try and provide a [sscce](sscce.org). Furthermore, please also share an example result file. – mkl Mar 6 at 5:16

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