I create pdf file using itext. This is the code:

private void createPdf() throws FileNotFoundException, DocumentException ,IOException {
        // create folder to save the pdf

        // new FileOutputStream("/Internal storage/")

        File pdfFolder = new File(Environment.getExternalStoragePublicDirectory(
                Environment.DIRECTORY_DOCUMENTS), "FolderName");
        if (!pdfFolder.exists()) {
            Log.i("creat", "Pdf Directory created");

        // end creat folder

        // create file name using todaydate.

        Date date = new Date() ;
        String timeStamp = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyyMMdd_HHmmss").format(date);

        File myFile = new File(pdfFolder +"/"+ timeStamp + ".pdf");

        OutputStream output = new FileOutputStream(myFile);

        //Step 1
        Document document = new Document();

        //Step 2
        PdfWriter   writer =  PdfWriter.getInstance(document, output);

        //Step 3

        //Step 4 Add content

        document.add(new Paragraph("\n\nTAX INVOICE.\n"));

        document.add(new Paragraph("\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n*THIS IS COMPUTER GENERATED INVOICE NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED."));

        //Step 5: Close the document



Now in the function UploadToServer(myFile, userid, username); as it showing am giving the myFile Type File and, userid and username Type String.

I want this function to upload the pdf file let say to this folder "www.ccc.com/pdffiles", and create a row in pdffile database content the URL to that pdf file, username, and userid

also from another activity i want to view pdf file from URL where I will get the url from pdffile database

  • What is the actual question? As far as iText is concerned, the PDF should be finalized at the end of document.close(). – mkl Mar 6 at 14:40
  • yes now i want to upload this pdf file to my online database – Lim Cho Mar 7 at 5:46
  • and what is keeping you from doing so? – mkl Mar 7 at 6:43
  • how to do that basically this is why i ask here , how to upload bro :D – Lim Cho Mar 7 at 9:59
  • That first of all depends on the upload mechanisms the server in question offers. Which does it offer? – mkl Mar 7 at 13:00

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