Look at the code and resume using itextsharp.. In which I have a paragraph with the text 'Education'.

After that I have a table which show my education details but to need to set gap between them..

Please see the attached picture:

My code:

enter image description here

PdfPTable table = new PdfPTable(5)
         { WidthPercentage = 100, RunDirection = PdfWriter.RUN_DIRECTION_LTR, ExtendLastRow = false };

        // table.TotalWidth = doc.PageSize.Width - doc.LeftMargin - doc.RightMargin;

          table.PaddingTop = 300f;
        table.HorizontalAlignment = Element.ALIGN_CENTER;

        table.AddCell("NAME OF INSTITE");
        table.AddCell("YEAR OF PASSING");

        table.AddCell(" ");
        table.AddCell(" ");
        table.AddCell( );
        table.AddCell(" ");
        table.AddCell(" ");

        table.AddCell(" ");
        table.AddCell(" c");
        table.AddCell(" ");
        table.AddCell(" ");
        table.AddCell("  %");

        table.AddCell(" ");
        table.AddCell(" ");
        table.AddCell(" d");
        table.AddCell(" ");
        table.AddCell("  %");

  • I usually cheat and add a blank paragraph – Matt Mar 6 at 9:13
  • 2
    Unrelated to your question: it looks very bad on a resume to have spelling errors like "Instite" (Institute) or "Unveristy" (University). Also, "year of passing", is that the year somebody died? Or did you mean to write "graduation year"? Please have someone else proofread your text before you put it into production. Also, are there really places in the world where your education scores from years or decades ago matter to apply for a job? – Amedee Van Gasse Mar 6 at 9:23
  • @AmedeeVanGasse thanks for suggestion... i just added the to make code title meaningful i'll check all content before last build :) – Ashu_FalcoN Mar 6 at 10:22
  • @MattBeldon i did the same but spicing was not up to to my requirements – Ashu_FalcoN Mar 6 at 10:37

This should work

  • no definition for setSpacingAfter() method.. – Ashu_FalcoN Mar 6 at 10:25
  • setSpacingAfter(...) is for the Java version of iText, SpacingAfter = ... is for the .Net version of it. And where there is After, there also is Before. – mkl Mar 6 at 14:44

Well SpacingAfter worked for me,

just add table.SpacingAfter = 20;

and table.SpacingBefore = 20;

worked perfectly for me

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