Using VS2008, C#, .Net 2 and Winforms how can I make a regular Button look "pressed"? Imagine this button is an on/off switch. ToolStripButton has the Checked property, but the regular Button does not.


One method you can used to obtain this option is by placing a "CheckBox" object and changing its "Appearance" from "Normal" to "Button" this will give you the same functionality that I believe you are looking for.


You could probably also use the ControlPaint class for this.


I think you may need a ToggleButton. You can take a look at third party vendors of WinForms components such as Telerik, DevExpress, ComponentFactory, ViBlend which provide such control. They all provide toggle buttons.

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    Excellent. Purchase a third-party library for a fundamental button. How many billions of dollars and thousands of developers would it take before Microsoft provides core functionality out of the box? – Rick O'Shea Mar 16 '17 at 20:02

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