I am getting Untrusted Certificate error (Response Code: 401) with Solace Client Certificate Authentication Scheme.

Here are the details over configurations made:
- Created a self-signed server and client certificates in pem format (With Private Keys)
- Uploaded both to Certs folder on solace VMR
- Configured server certificate to be used as Server Certificate on Solace VMR
- Added client certificate to the trusted-root (Configure/authentication) trusted-root
- From the client setting below properties over session object (On top of other required properties):     objSessionProperties.SSLClientCertificateFile

By making above things, I can call Create Session successfully, whereas it leads to an exception while connecting to the session. Here is the error information received from Solace:
{(Subcode=LoginFailure, Error string=Untrusted Certificate, Response code= 401 )}

Thanks for your help in advance.



The "Untrusted Certificate" login failure error indicates that the appliance rejected the client because it does not trust the client's certificate provided in "SSLClientCertificateFile". You should verify that the certificate authority (CA) certificate of the CA that signed your client certificate is configured on the appliance as a trusted root certificate.

  • I am getting this issue with the self signed certificate. I have added the CN name to the SSLTrustedCommonNameList property as well added the client certificate to the trusted-root file on the Solace VMR. Is there any other configuration required here? – Shailesh Mar 8 '18 at 10:32

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