I am using iText7 (.NET) for generating a PDF. As part of report, I have 60 columns to show in a table starting from page 2. Depending on the data, the table could extend several pages. I have not been able to show 60 columns. Depending on the width , only a subset (few columns) are show on the second and following pages.

I did try following things

Table table = new Table(60); Also created a float array with column widths and then created the table.

The table always shows a subset of 60 columns but never all the columns.

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    Show us your code and the result. What is your page size? Are you sure there's sufficient place for 60 columns? Maybe iText thinks it doesn't make sense to show 60 columns on a page with a width that makes it impossible to show all colums. Give us a SSCCE and we'll look into it. – Bruno Lowagie Mar 6 at 16:45

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