I use custorm component fields.

Everything works fine until I try to replace the model with another model.

the component of each field is not updated with the new value.

Nor did any event turn on

the way i trying to change to model:

this.model = this.data.model[this.currentRow];

the html formly tag

  <form class="formly" role="form" [formGroup]="form" >

    <formly-form #formly [(model)]="model" [fields]="fields" [form]="form" [options]="options">





      types: [
        { name: 'customTextNumeric', component: VerticalNumericEditorComponent},        
        { name: 'customDatepicker', component: VerticalDatePickerComponent },
        { name: 'customSelect', component: VerticalSelectComponent },

. .

my custom component (for examle )

 import { Component, OnInit, Input, ViewChild, SimpleChanges } from '@angular/core';

import { FieldType } from '@ngx-formly/core';
import { FormControl, FormGroupDirective, NgForm, Validators } from '@angular/forms';
import { ErrorStateMatcher } from '@angular/material/core';
import { SearchLabelService } from '../../tableHandle/search-label.service';

/** Error when invalid control is dirty, touched, or submitted. */

export class MyErrorStateMatcher implements ErrorStateMatcher {

  isErrorState(control: FormControl | null, form: FormGroupDirective | NgForm | null): boolean {
        const isSubmitted = form && form.submitted;
        return !!(control && control.invalid && (control.dirty || control.touched || isSubmitted));

      selector: 'app-vertical-numeric-editor',
      templateUrl: './vertical-numeric-editor.component.html',
      styleUrls: ['./vertical-numeric-editor.component.css']

export class VerticalNumericEditorComponent extends FieldType {

  private validates = [];
      private initialValue;
      private value;

  private validateValues = { required: false, minLen: 0, maxLen: 99999999, pattern: '' };

  constructor(private labelSearch: SearchLabelService) {
        this.numericFormControl = new FormControl('', this.validates);
        console.log('constructor field:');

  numericFormControl: FormControl;

  onInit() {

  matcher = new MyErrorStateMatcher();

  ngOnInit() {

  OnChanges(e) {
        console.log('on changes');

  ngDoCheck() {

  ngOnDestroy() {

  get type() {
        return this.to.type || 'text';

Someone has an idea of how to update the component with the new value

Check this issue in github: https://github.com/formly-js/ngx-formly/issues/975

It seems it depends the way how you are updating your model (if it's just updating one field of the model or not)

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