I am trying to do the upgrade from object server 1 to object server 2. In my testing I have run the commands under the Migrating from Realm Object Server 1.x heading to upgrade the object server and then I have made changes in my application's code to according to the Migrating from Realm Object Server 1.x to 2.x section which suggests I do something like this.

  .then(realm => {
    // you have probably already migrated
  .catch(e => {
    if (e.name == "IncompatibleSyncedRealmError") {
      const backupRealm = new Realm(e.configuration);
      // copy objects from backupRealm

I am seeing that the IncompatibleSyncedRealmError is detected as expected and that the data from the object server 1/app gets created as backupRealm. That is all good.

But what I am supposed to do to "copy objects from backupRealm" as noted in the comment of the code snippet? Do I copy them into a new blank synced realm?

Above the code snippet on this page it says:

When a synchronized Realm requiring migration is opened, the Realm file will be copied to a backup location and then deleted so that it can be re-downloaded from the Realm Object Server. An exception will be thrown, and you can choose to migrate your objects from the old Realm

So, since the new object server is a migration from the original, is there a way to access that data and pull it down to the client?

Basically, it seems very unclear to me what I should do after detecting the IncompatibleSyncedRealmError exception.

Any help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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