I am trying to run a VAR on a dataset imported from Excel. This is my first time using Stata but what I can't understand is that when I input describe it gives back all the variables and the n. of observations. However, when I input

Var lnM, lags(1/5) exog (lnY lnDEF TREND D2009 DQ1 DQ2 DQ3)

the output is

 "no observations" r(2000)

I looked upon the error and tried to double check by doing

count if !missing(A, lnY, lnDEF....)

and the result is 86!!! Can anyone please tell me why in a step by step approach?

Thank you in advance

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    I think you should show us exactly what you typed and the output, rather than pseudo code. For example, when checking for missings, variable A is not in your model, you don't have the outcome or its 5 lags. Without access to you data, it is unlikely that anyone could help. – Dimitriy V. Masterov Mar 8 at 2:28

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