There are a lot of projects, where we update our recyclerview after transacion. But i faced with situation when I need to clean and add new data, and after that get one callback (for updating recyclerview only one time, not twice) using OrderedRealmCollectionChangeListener. I want to add this transaction to rxjava emitter.onNext but I can't understand is it possible or not?

Example from site:

puppies.addChangeListener(new OrderedRealmCollectionChangeListener<RealmResults<Dog>>() {
    public void onChange(RealmResults<Dog> results, OrderedCollectionChangeSet changeSet) {

When i get Observable i start Recyclerview method - notifydatasetchanged(). Recyclerview subscribes on Realm model. For example I get new data from net and I need to delete data from realm and then insert new data. I get two observables and notifydatasetchanged() works twice, but i need only one time. That is why I must union two transaction in one.

  • I have zero clue what you are asking :D – EpicPandaForce Mar 8 at 12:48
  • I added information. – Delphian Mar 8 at 13:39
  • Or maybe you could just not ignore the OrderedCollectionChangeSet you're getting? – EpicPandaForce Mar 8 at 13:57
  • I can ignore but It doesn't help. Because I can do 3 transaction: 1) only delete 2) only insert 3) delete and insert! I don't know in OrderedRealmCollectionChangeListener what transaction i have in the current moment that is why i send all transaction. I can't pack "delete and insert" in one Observable. – Delphian Mar 8 at 14:10
  • I'm pretty sure you can do anything you want in a single transaction, and the change set will be evaluated accordingly. I don't know what you mean by "only delete" and "only insert". – EpicPandaForce Mar 8 at 14:13

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