I have 2 Maven projects , a library and an App , Both are built and stored as an Artifacts in TFS (2017)

I would like to import project A directly from the TFS Artifacts into Project B But apparently the structure the TFS artifacts are kept and the fact they do not keep the POM.XML prevents the Project B maven file to indentify the TFS Artifactory as a Maven artifactory and import the Library .

My question is . 1) Is it even possible to use TFS Artifacts the same way Maven artifacts are used ? 2) How does it done?

Thanks in advance

  • Start using a repository manager like Nexus, Artifactory or Archiva and deploy those artifacts there...using TFS/SVN/Git as an artifact repository is simply the wrong way... – khmarbaise Mar 9 '18 at 9:02

make sure Project A is deployed correctly to your Maven repository (instead or in addition to the deployment to TFS - I would have kept in TFS only the sources...). Then it would be very simple for maven to find project A and add it to B as a dependency.

Hope that helps.

  • But i dont wish it to be deployed to the Global Maven repository , I want it to be stored locally on my TFS server ... also is the TFS repository and Maven repository are two different things? – Yonnatan Bar Mar 8 '18 at 11:28
  • i didnt mean Global maven repo... i meant your local maven repo. do u have in your organization maven repo like nexus or artifactory? even if not, deploy it to your local (.m2) – OhadR Mar 8 '18 at 16:42

You can try to publish the Artifacts of Project A to a shared folder (Artifact Type: File Share), then reference it directly or add a copy task to copy the artifacts to Project B.

Besides, it sounds like the chain builds in TFS. You can try the extension: Trigger Build Task, the task that can be used to trigger a new Build so that build-chaining is possible. Supports as well conditional triggers. See below similar thread for details:

Another workaround is upgrading to TFS 2018 or migrating to VSTS to install a Maven artifact is as a dependency of another artifact with the Maven CLI.

Please see Install Maven artifacts using VSTS and TFS for details.

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