Friends after researching, I appeal to you so that you can help me with this problem that is currently being presented to me. I am working with tabset and I need to add a ternary operator, which fulfills the following condition: If the screen resolution is greater than 480px, the text acquired from a database (text: "CREDIT LINE") must be shown, but if is less than 480px should only say: "SOLES"

I'm trying the following:

<bcp-tab heading = "{{windowWidth> 480? 'CREDIT_LINE_SOLES': 'Soles'}}" background-tab = "''">

But I do not get what I want since it is taking the value of the variable ('CREDIT_LINE_SOLES') and not the database, but the value of 'soles' works correctly the ternary operator could tell me how it should be that operator ternary within heading of the tab? I would greatly appreciate your cooperation.

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