On a new Angular 4 project is possible to create a simple text File object from its constructor:

const textfile = new File (['abcd'], 'text.txt')

inspecting the console output (VSCode console) shows the expected result:

File(13) {name: "text.txt", lastModified: 1520684955392, lastModifiedDate: Sat Mar 10 2018 13:29:15 GMT+0100 (Standard romance time…, webkitRelativePath: "", size: 13, …}
    lastModifiedDate:Sat Mar 10 2018 13:29:15 GMT+0100 {}
    __proto__:File {name: <accessor>, lastModified: <accessor>, lastModifiedDate: <accessor>, …}

This exact line of code on a new blank Ionic 3 project outputs a misplaced or wrong properties instance of File interface ("name" is an Array holding text content, there's no "name" property, "localURL" contains the file name, "start" "size" and "end" properties are 0, ...).

File {name: Array(1), localURL: "text.txt", type: null, lastModified: null, lastModifiedDate: null, …}
name:Array(1) ["text"]
__proto__:Object {slice: , constructor: }

Tried to simplify my question as much as I could, tested on diferent computers and checked Angular and Ionic stable versions. I have served this project to the local browser to avoid device or emulator interference.

I wonder if this is a by-design behavior, a bug on Ionic's Angular implementation or a wrong use of this feature.

  • did you use cordova-plugin-file? – hendrathings Mar 15 at 8:21
  • Not at all. Precisely, we are avoiding file, file-path and file-transfer plugins because Ionic View does not support those plugins. – Josep Alacid Mar 16 at 11:31

Try following code -

var fileContent = [];
var blob = new Blob(['abcd'], { type: 'text/plain' });
const textfile = new File (fileContent, 'text.txt', {
  type: 'text/plain',
  • Oh yes. I did it but not included. No chance. But If you had tried you did noticed it doesn't work. – Josep Alacid Mar 18 at 22:18
  • @JosepAlacid For me it is working fine when I do ionic serve in browser. Is this problem specific to particular browser or device. – Saurabh Mishra Mar 18 at 22:40
  • @JosepAlacid have you tried using blob as well. – Saurabh Mishra Mar 18 at 23:10
  • Working on Android, same error on iPhone... This is crazy!! – Josep Alacid Mar 19 at 9:03

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