const connect = auth.createUserWithEmailAndPassword(email,pass).catch(function(error){

          if(error.code === 'auth/weak-password'){
          errmsg.style.display = 'block';
          errmsg.style.opacity = '1';
          errmsg.innerHTML= 'The password is too weak.';

With the default setting, the requirement for password is 6 characters (letter/number). Is there a way to change this (Ex. require password to be letter-number combined)>


The password strength of Firebase Authentication's email+password authentication is not configurable. If you want full control over the requirements, you can consider implementing your own provider on top of Firebase Authentication.

Also see:


my solution for this is, I also run firebase auth in the backend

I create functions that run validation and create user as callback

it works fine for me


One simple way to resolve this issue is to use a function in your registration front end that enforces whatever password policy you need. Then you would only create a new Firebase account with that password once it meets the minimum requirements. To make it more dynamic make the function an API call.

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    If a user forgets the password and the new password will be reset with sendPasswordResetEmail() there might be a problem in case the password strength which is required for Firebase might not meet your policy. At least when the password input field is also validated against your security policy. In such a case the user would be locked out.
    – wenzf
    Mar 6 '20 at 9:39
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    Why would you evaluate password complexity at authetnication time? That's just silly. It only makes sense to do so when you're setting it. Apr 23 at 2:02

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