Being that scale = 1 is 1m in SceneKit, I want everything to be at scale = 0.5, for half a meter. For game aesthetics.

I am able to scale my SCNNodes no problem - I import from my dae, convert and set scale to global var that holds my scale (0.5) -

overallContainer = SCNNode() //holds all children

        overallContainer.scale = SCNVector3(worldUnitModifier)

The problem is that I can't scale the physics body of my node the same way. I have looked at similar questions and I still get the SCNBox at scale = 1, which is much bigger than the node inside of it.

Make physics body (nothing is set in editor):

let boxBodyShape = SCNPhysicsShape(geometry: SCNBox(width: CGFloat(abs(collider.boundingBox.max.x-collider.boundingBox.min.x)),
                                                    height: CGFloat(abs(collider.boundingBox.max.y-collider.boundingBox.min.y)),
                                                    length: CGFloat(abs(collider.boundingBox.max.z-collider.boundingBox.min.z)),
                                                    chamferRadius: 0),
                                   options: [SCNPhysicsShape.Option.type: SCNPhysicsShape.ShapeType.boundingBox])

container.physicsBody = SCNPhysicsBody(type: .static, shape: boxBodyShape)
container.physicsBody?.categoryBitMask = Int(Bitmask.collision.rawValue) //what it is
container.physicsBody?.collisionBitMask = Int(Bitmask.character.rawValue)
container.categoryBitMask = Int(8)

Where collider is definitely at scale 0.5 because I can see it. I can't set the scale of the physics body directly - what is wrong here?

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