Fairly new to Swift so please be easy on me. Working with an inherited codebase.

Getting this error:

Cannot convert value of type '(AccountViewController) -> () -> (AccountViewController)' to expected argument type 'GetUserDelegate?'

This code is in my view controller. This is the only code out of this example that I wrote:

fileprivate var userDataSource = getAPI().getUser(delegate: self)

This code is part of my API definition:

func getUser(delegate: GetUserDelegate?) {
    sessionManager.request(ApiRequests.user).validate().responseJSON { (response: Alamofire.DataResponse<Any>) -> Void in
        switch response.result {
        case .success(let value):
            guard let user = Mapper<User>().map(JSONObject: value) else {
                delegate?.apiError(code: nil, message: "Cannot decode user")

            delegate?.getUserSuccess(user: user)
        case .failure(let err):
            delegate?.apiError(code: nil, message: err.localizedDescription)

And here is the protocol:

protocol GetUserDelegate: APIErrorDelegate {
    func getUserSuccess(user: User)

Now elsewhere in the code I'm seeing similar functions where all they pass in is delegate: self, but this doesn't appear to work and gives me the above error.

My guess is that this is because I am setting this in the class definition directly, rather than in one of the class methods - am I on the right track here? I've done a decent chunk of OOP coding before, but I've never used a delegate design pattern, so I'm not totally understanding implementation here I think.

I guess the error is clear, you should implement such GetUserDelegate inside of your AccountViewController, something like:

class AccountViewController: UIViewController, GetUserDelegate {
   func getUserSuccess(user: User) {
     // stuff here //
  • Would using an extension also work for this? I'm seeing something similar in extensions in other view controllers. If so I think I may more or less understand what I'm doing wrong here. – Andrew Alexander Mar 9 at 1:34
  • Yeah, I think I've got it. I'm just verifying before I select this as the answer. – Andrew Alexander Mar 9 at 1:42

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