I would like to offer three subscription options in my app:

  1. Monthly recurring
  2. Yearly recurring
  3. Lifetime

I can setup the monthly and yearly subscriptions as auto-renewable products, and put them in the same group so that upgrades and downgrades are handled nicely. However, the lifetime subscription has to be a regular non-consumable product since the maximum duration for a renewing product is one year.

What can I do to handle users moving from a monthly or yearly subscription to the lifetime subscription? I can't offer any partial refund/credit for remaining time, and most importantly I can't cancel their existing subscription on their behalf. Am I limited to some informational messaging ("Please make sure you cancel your existing subscription") with a link to the Manage Subscriptions settings? Or is there more I can do?

  • I, too, would love to know the answer to this – Chris O'Kelly Jun 24 at 23:34

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