Not exactly sure how to pose this question, but using lazarus v1.8.2 I am attempting to define a generic type, using another generic type:

//initial interface
  IOtherInterface<T> = interface
    function ExampleFunction : T;
  //some generic record
  TSomething<T> = record
    Something : T;
 //attempting to further genericize
  IOtherSomething<T> = IOtherInterface<TSomething<T>>;

The error I receive is: Fatal: Syntax error, "," expected but "<" found

I'm using mode delphi as I want to remain compliant for both compilers. I feel pretty confident that I've done this sort of specialization in delphi before, but don't have great access to a professional version to test. Is this a limitation to on FPC side of things, or perhaps am I missing something? Any help is greatly appreciated

  • This won't compile on Delphi as well. – Victoria Mar 9 at 5:08
  • I've edited showing double specialization that compiles in delphi – SmeTheWiz Mar 9 at 15:33
  • I reverted the edit. The edit changed the question and invalidated the answers by asking a different question. If you want to ask another question, you would need a new question. – David Heffernan Mar 9 at 18:08

I am not sure what

 IOtherSomething<T> = IOtherInterface<TSomething<T>>;

is meant to achieve here. If you are trying to extend the interface you need something like

IOtherSomething<T> = interface(IOtherInterface<TSomething<T>>)

which does compile in Delphi. I don't have Lazarus to test.

If this is not what you are trying to do I will delete the answer.

If it is, I will edit to remove these comments.

  • I've edited my question now to show extending the interface, however it still does not compile in lazarus (does in Delphi) – SmeTheWiz Mar 9 at 15:34

Afaik you should still declare IOtherInterface and later specialize it with TSomething .

Generics.Collections works this way (with TPair in the role of TSomething ).

Anyway, FPC fixes has a problem with double specializations, it sees >> or << as shift tokens. This is fixed in trunk

  • 1
    I can't see how this answers the question. What code should be used? – David Heffernan Mar 9 at 13:22
  • @Marco van de Voort so this is a confirmed issue with the current version of FPC? Is there a link to some kind of issue you can provide? Also, is this the correct location for trunk? – SmeTheWiz Mar 9 at 15:43
  • actually, think I found it, my above was just for lazarus not fpc, – SmeTheWiz Mar 9 at 16:19
  • In C++, to avoid << and >>problems, people simply write < <and > >, i.e. with a space inbetween. – Rudy Velthuis Mar 9 at 19:25

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