I have the following bit of js which creates a div, doesn't yet append it to the page but does populate it with some HTML. I can query that HTML with getElementsByClassName as shown in the alert which correctly alerts as "2".

However trying to use getElementById on the same element results in an error "Object doesn't support property or method 'getElementById'"

function verbatim(fn) {
    return fn.toString().split("/*")[1].split("*/")[0];

var aggregatorContainer = document.createElement("div");
aggregatorContainer.id = "usageByCampusNow";

var someHTML = verbatim(function () {/*
            <h2>Lab Locations and Current Use</h2>

            <div class='campusIndicator master'>
                <div id='masterAggregator'>

                    <div id='masterSelector'>
                        <div class='aggDetails'>
                            <h3 id="masterSelection"></h3>
                    <div id='masterOptions'><ul id='masterOptionsList'></ul></div>

                    <div class='guageContainer'>
                        <div class='campusGuage'>
                            <span><img class='clockhand' src='/images/labs/handred2.png'></span>
                            <span><img class='clockhand' src='/images/labs/hand2.png'></span>
                        <span class='txtUse'></span>

aggregatorContainer.innerHTML = someHTML;
try {
    var masterAggContainer = aggregatorContainer.getElementById("masterAggregator"); // issue
catch (err) {
    alert(err); // Object doesn't support property or method 'getElementById'


The simple solution is that I add the element to the page


and then I can use document.getElementById to get elements within aggregatorContainer to my hearts delight but I was hoping that I could do all the prep on the HTML before appending it to the page in case something went wrong and I ended up with a funky element stinking up the page. So I'd like to query aggregatorContainer.getElementById before adding it to the page

Essentially, why can't I use getElementById on this element before it's appended? getElementsByClassName seems to be fine!

  • by the way, you still can use jQuery(aggregatorContainer).find('[id="masterAggregator"]')[0]; – YakovL Sep 2 '18 at 22:22

From MDN documentation for Document.getElementsByClassName:

  • getElementsByClassName can be called on any element, not only on the document. The element on which it is called will be used as the root of the search.


Document.getElementById does not have that note: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Document/getElementById

The difference is that getElementsByClassName seems to be inherited by NodeLists from Document whereas getElementById is not. The reason I assume is that getElementsByClassName returns what it is working on , which is a NodeList or HTMLCollection, thus allowing for chainability; whereas getElementById will always return zero or one Nodes or HTMLElements.

  • Thanks for that. The getElementById link mentions the alternative querySelector which seems to work on the element before it's appended - so: querySelector("#masterAggregator"). I'll refactor and confirm. The omission of the note on the second link doesn't quite confirm the case for me though and I don't follow why the single node vs NodeList means it doesn't work on elements not attached to the document. – wunth Mar 9 '18 at 3:42
  • Have you tried getElementById on existing NodeLists in the DOM? The error message you reported suggests that NodeList does not have a property called getElementById - which supposedly means it doesn't matter if the NodeList is part of the DOM or not - unless the method is inherited when added the DOM. – connexo Mar 9 '18 at 3:47
  • Correct, getElementById can only be called directly from document. As the link you provide states "there is no need for 'local' versions of the function". It also states "Elements not in the document are not searched by getElementById()". But you'd think document.createElement would make it part of the document, attached or not. But it goes on: "When creating an element and assigning it an ID, you have to insert the element into the document tree... before you can access it with getElementById." That explains it but sort of doesn't, kind of "just because". I guess I'll just add it hidden! – wunth Mar 9 '18 at 6:37

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