I currently have JavaScript code that is capable of extracting the inner HTML from specific tags... I'd like to extrapolate this and change it such that it can target <script> tags with a specific type attribute... For example, type="text/testlang". I'm planning on using this as part of a library for a test client-side language compiler, so I don't want to rely on third-party libraries like jQuery to do the grunt work...

The code is as follows:

var testlang_ext = function() {
    var arr = document.getElementsByTagName('script');
    for (idx = arr.length; idx--;) {
      arr[idx].innerHTML = testLangConvert(arr[idx].childNodes[0].data);

Is there a way I can expand this to target only script tags with a type of text/testlang?

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You can use querySelectorAll with attribute selector


let testLangScripts = [].slice.call(document.getElementsByTagName('script')).filter(e => e.getAttribute('type') === 'text/testlang')

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