I am retrieving all values of a database in the form of two rows and need to multiply all values with a single constant. mysql query:

$book= "SELECT distinct names, values FROM table1 where address =?"
        mysqli_stmt_bind_param($stmm, "s", $usa);
        $result= mysqli_stmt_get_result($sttm);
        $ress = mysqli_fetch_array($result)

In the while loop I want to multiply all these values with a predefined variable $calc: I now want to do something like this:

        $i = 1;     
    while($ress = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result))
        echo '<tr><td>'.$i.'</td>';
        $i += 1;
        echo '<td>'.$ress['names'].' </td>';
        echo '<td> '.$ress['values']*$calc.'</td>';
echo '</tr></table>';

Please help

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    Typo? Should be $rows['XXX'] instead of $ress['XXX'] in the loop. Otherwise you will not get all the rows. </tr> should also be in the loop. – Phil Mar 9 at 3:25
  • yes, that was a typo. but the loop doesn't seem to be working. All my values returned are 0 – Prasinus Albus Mar 9 at 3:30
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    You may var_dump your $result to check the SQL query result. – Phil Mar 9 at 3:32
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    what is the error? it would help if you include those – arnold emzi Mar 9 at 3:53

you might have problem in while loop.

you can use foreach, while you have records in (array)$ress

    foreach($ress as $key => $row)
        echo '<tr><td>'.$key.'</td>';
        echo '<td>'.$row['names'].' </td>';
        echo '<td> '.($ow['values'] * $calc).'</td>';
   echo '</tr></table>';   
  • sorry but this doesn't seem to be working – Prasinus Albus Mar 9 at 3:27
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    i had update the answer, see there may be some help for you – Mayank Majithya Mar 9 at 3:31
  • not working either, sorry – Prasinus Albus Mar 9 at 3:46
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    var_dump $ress see query executed successfully ? – Mayank Majithya Mar 9 at 3:56

there are some reason for this not to work

main reason is that the data retrieved from database is not int type, i think the $ress['values'] is returning a string so you need to check it or parse it to int before multiplying

I think that your didn't fetch data from your database. Your loop section also has some HTML tag match problem. I tried the following code with my local database, the loop section works well.

include '../inc/conn_stackoverflow.php';
$book= $con->prepare("SELECT distinct `date`, cntr FROM counter where id >?");
$book->bind_param("i", $usa);
$result= mysqli_stmt_get_result($book);
//echo "<pre>";

echo "<table>";
while($ress = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result))
        echo '<tr><td>'.$i.'</td>';
        $i += 1;
        echo '<td>'.$ress['date'].' </td>';
        echo '<td> '.((float)$ress['cntr']*(float)$calc).'</td>';
        echo '</tr>';
echo '</table>';

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