Dropzone only works on the element itself i have an SPAN tag inside my button, and when i click on the text it won't trigger click on parent element which dropzone is attached to. i tried the following but it doesn't work!


and also this


by default dropzone only works on on element it self, and if you try to run trigger manually it wont work. the best way i could find after searching A LOT was this:


to find dropzone instant there are several ways:

1- by jquery: var myDropZone = $('.dropzone').get(0).dropzone; or var myDropZone = $("div#dropmehere").dropzone({...}); if you are using id to find your element

2- by Dropzone class itself: var myDropzone = Dropzone.forElement("div#dropmehere");

now you can


While using vue dropzone you can simply open file dialog using below line.


The following worked for me $('#dropzone_dropzone').get(0).dropzone.hiddenFileInput.click();

where #dropzone_dropzone is the name of my DIV

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