I'm new to Drupal & Twig and all I need is in my custom theme a twig expression to output the current user's ID. I can't find anything in the template comments, only if a user is logged in true / false.

Is there a simple way to get the ID of the current user? I'm not sure how to implement custom methods in a theme.


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Hello bobomoreno,

I would suggest you use the module Bamboo Twig.
The Bamboo Twig module provides some Twig extensions with some useful functions and filters aimed to improve the development experience.

You could then enable the sub-module Bamboo Twig - Loaders:

drush en bamboo_twig_loader -y

Finally, you will be able to use the Twig function bamboo_load_currentuser:

<!-- Get Current User -->
{% set user = bamboo_load_currentuser() %}
<div>{{ user.name.value }}</div>
<div>{{ user.uid.value }}</div>

You can find the complete official documentation there.


In your theme find file yourthemename.theme and add following code:

function yourthemename_preprocess(&$vars, $hook)
  $vars['uid'] = \Drupal::currentUser()->id();

now if you edit your twig template for html, page, region, block, field, form element... you can use 'uid' token in your twig. It works for all hooks

  • It's quite "dangerous" and "time-consuming/performance" as you will set the uid value for Twig files of every template file (and you may not need it everywhere). Also, you could have issues with caching. I'm not sure I would recommend this approach as it impact the whole website. Commented Mar 7, 2019 at 9:46
  • Kevin why it is dangerous? Why time-consuming? Why I have a caching issue? It is a passing a variable to the function. Nothing more. Everybody who using drupal knowns how to use preprocess hooks works and how to use it for preprocessing a specific element.
    – lamp5
    Commented Mar 7, 2019 at 14:40
  • Time-consuming as hooks are not very good for performances (especially the theme_preprocess which occurs on every template). Dangerous as you will have the short & pretty commonly named uid variable in every template. Caching issue depending of your cache tags/contexts & policies, the preprocess will not be reinterpreted by user (and so the uid value will be an incorrect one). I would be glad to discuss all of this in the Drupal Slack if you want (@wengerk). Commented Mar 9, 2019 at 7:40

If you only need the ID in user.html.twig, it's {{ user.id }}


Here's how D8 now works, in two lines of executable code:

// This code returns the current user ID.
$account = \Drupal::currentUser();
return $account->id(); 

The display name is not a field you can configure in {{ content }}. You can get it directly from the user entity:

{{ user.displayname }}

Reference for the php method: AccountInterface::getDisplayName


The Twig Tweak module is very small and yet very powerful. You can get the current user id with drupal_token('current-user:uid') I am using it to pass the current user id to a view like this:

{{ drupal_view('view_name', 'embed_1', drupal_token('current-user:uid')) }}

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