What technologies do I need to use to send notification from the node.js server to the android client.For example, user A adds user B to friends, at this time user B should receive a notification to his android device that user A wants to add it to friends. I'm new to node.js, could you help me what exactly should I use to implement sending such notifications.


You could use MQTT or AMQP messaging, these are very flexible technologies, well suited to push messages to clients.



Node.js has very good support for both. Android has an MQTT client available with an example here: http://androidkt.com/android-mqtt/.

Essentially you can push messages to clients with something like:

client.publish (topic, message).

And clients would subscribe like:

client.on('message', function (topic, message) {
  // Messages are Buffer objects.

Clients would received this using either a callback or by polling.

Both technologies use a Broker that acts as a go between for the messages.

There are free online Brokers you can use to test messaging, e.g. mqtt://test.mosquitto.org

In Express, once you have your messaging client initialised, you can message on new events, POSTS, PUTS, etc.

app.post("/addFriend", function(req, res, next){
    console.log("Friend request added");

    // Write to db.

    // Send a message 
    mqttClient.publish('friends-topic', JSON.stringify({event: 'newfriend', id: '10122', name: 'Mark' }))

    res.end('ok', 200);
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On the server side you need something to work with Google's Cloud Messaging service, for instance the node-gcm module


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