I am using GDebI to one-click install .deb packages and it's my opening program default for .deb files. My browser is Mozilla Firefox 58.0.2. I use Ubuntu 17.10 with XFCE.

When I try to open a .deb package downloaded in firefox with gdebi and click on Install Package, the gdebi instantly closes. However, if I open gdebi directly and open the .deb with it, the instalation goes as normal.

I run firefox on terminal to see any uncommon output in that scenario. And, check this out, at the moment I click on "Install Package" on gdebi opened by firefox it says "Refusing to render service to dead parents." on terminal.

I already searched for this sentence. And even went through a russian forum with the help of Google Translate and nothing. I already purged and installed it via apt. Still the same.

Does anyone know how to help me?


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