I want to create a video chat app, using some platform native SDK like WebRTC to implement the video part, using flutter to implement other interactivity, how could I achieve that?

In Android, I try to hook the createFlutterView method, create a FrameLayout to hold the FlutterView and other native views under FlutterView, and make it as Activity's content view by setContentView.

FlutterView is a subclass of SurfaceView, so I can make it transparent like this:


To make FlutterView's surface background transparent, I declare android:colorBackground as #00000000 in my theme, according to FlutterView's source code.

With those setup, I can see the view under FlutterView for a short period, after that it's covered by Widgets declared in dart code. I think that short period is the dart code load time.

To verify that, I create a pure Android project with the same views as above, but without any dart code. In that project, views under FlutterView show well all the time.

So, my question is, how to make dart Widgets fully transparent to see platform native view under FlutterView?

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