I am working in SAS with a dataset with a lot of numeric values which I have standardised as follows:

 proc standard data=df mean=0 std=1

Is there any easy way to deal with outliers (+/- 3standard deviation) for all numeric values? Ideally I would want to change all of those to + or - 3x standard deviation, or in worst case remove them.

You have to run through the data twice. There are may ways you can adjust your output. Here's a simple way using a datastep:

Assuming your dataset has a standardized variable called 'test':

Data adjusted;
set df;
if test > 3 then test=3;
if test < -3 then test =-3;

just remember your new dataset will no longer have a mean of 0 and a standard deviation of 1

  • Thank you. The problem with this is that I have to name all the variables? I have several hundred, so I was looking for an option where I can perform one operation on all numerical variables. – Antosl Mar 11 at 18:14
  • i'm not sure I understand, can you show me a sample dataset? We could easily address multiple variables with a data array. Do you have hundreds of variables or hundreds of observations? – DCR Mar 11 at 20:25
  • I have hundreds of numerical variables that are all standardised as shown in OP + a bunch of categorical variables. What I want, is trim outliers of all the numerical variables. Arrays would also mean that I have to manually type in the name of all my variables, if I'm not wrong? That would be way to time-consuming. – Antosl Mar 11 at 22:11
  • the op doesn't tell me anything about your dataset. Provide some sample data. AND no with an array we don't have to type in the names of the variables. – DCR Mar 11 at 22:28

No sample data provided so I generated 5 random variables with N(0,2) distribution for the purpose of demonstration for removing outliers from N(0,1).

If you have multiple columns to remove outliers from, you could create a macro or just loop through an array.

DATA have;
    INPUT var1 var2 var3 var4 var5;
-0.8458048655231136 -2.1737985573160485 -2.122482432573275 1.8746296707673902 -2.799009287469253
-1.9927731684115295 1.8230096873238637 0.5964656531490122 -1.6465532407305106 3.9430012045284184
0.0294083016125659 1.3877418982525658 -1.3398372120124733 -0.8195179339297752 4.742490300459201
-0.5215716306745832 -3.35412129416837 1.1558155344985737 -1.0073681302151822 2.425914724408619
-2.817574234024364 3.5161858163738424 -2.1822454739704744 0.060674570200235534 0.25898913069677443
-3.941905381717187 4.969013776451821 2.021891632999466 -1.1526212617289868 1.2864391876960568

* variable of all columns to remove outliers from ;
%LET column_names=var1 var2 var3 var4 var5;

DATA want;
    SET have;
    ARRAY columns {*} &column_names.;
    DO i=1 to dim(columns);
        if columns[i]>3 then columns[i]=3;
        if columns[i]<-3 then columns[i]=-3;
    DROP i;

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