I'm new to COBOL and want to write a nested if statement. I'm getting errors on the ELSE-IF and ELSE. I'm sure it's a simple fix, but I can't figure out where I'm going wrong.

       display "Enter Type of Pet: " with no advancing.
       accept pet.
       display "Enter Appointment Fee: " with no advancing.
       accept fee.
       IF pet = 'dog' 
       add fee total giving dogTotal.
       add 1 to dogCount.
       ELSE-IF pet = 'cat' 
       add fee total giving catTotal.
       add 1 to catCount.
       add fee total giving otherTotal.
       add 1 to otherCount.
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There is no (standard) else-if statement in COBOL. In most cases where you have multiple branches EVALUATE TRUE with WHEN condition-1 <statements> WHEN condition-2 <statements> [...] END-EVALUATE is what you want to use - and in cases like your sample you can do EVALUATE pet WHEN 'dog' ... WHEN 'cat' ... END-EVALUATE.

The reason why you are getting syntax errors for ELSE is simple: you end them with your periods - get rid of them (the only part where you need them within PROCEDURE DIVISION is before and after a paragraph/section/entry definition.

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