I'm using typescript, and is complaining when concatenating a string,

  const content = senderDisplay + ', '+ moment(timestamp).format('YY/MM/DD')+' at ' + moment(timestamp).format('h:mm A');

[tslint] Use a template literal instead of concatenating with a string literal. (prefer-template)

What is the template literal to fix this? cheers


You can see the template literals in MDN, and these are the prefered style in ES6.

In your case it would become the following:

const content = `${senderDisplay}, ${moment(timestamp).format('YY/MM/DD')} at ${moment(timestamp).format('h:mm A')}`;

Important differences:

  • Starts and ends with a backtick

  • Supports multiline strings

  • Expressions are interpolated with ${expression}

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const content = `${senderDisplay}, ${moment(timestamp).format('YY/MM/DD')} at ${moment(timestamp).format('h:mm A')};`

Check out https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Template_literals! They're awesome once you get the hang of it, string interpolation is much more readable than concatenating stuff together.

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Use backticks and ${...}.

 const content = `${senderDisplay}, ${moment(timestamp).format('YY/MM/DD')} at  ${moment(timestamp).format('h:mm A')}`;
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