Here's an example:


A Mediawiki extension where Hooks::run( 'PageForms::BeforeFreeTextSubst', ...) gets invoked but there's no other record or trace of where it's defined. If there was some mapping of strings/names to functions it would be registered somewhere else, and if it was a function name it should show up somewhere else.

I'm seeing this with a few other function hook events.


There isn't any "source definition" other than where the hook is run from. That is where the hook is defined; it may or may not actually be hooked onto anywhere. All the hook definition is is a name and a set of parameters that are passed to hook callbacks.

To help find out where the hook is actually used, you can use the (new) codesearch tool:


(It looks like this one is not used by any extension that is in Wikimedia source control.)


Are you trying to find the functions that get called when the hook is run? The situation is a bit chaotic there. There are two mechanisms for defining hooks:

  • the $wgHooks global (this is the normal way of registering hooks);
  • and the Hooks::register method (sometimes used for registering hooks dynamically).

$wgHooks is normally set via the extension.json file, but can be set dynamically, too.

The quickest way to find out what hooks are registered is to run maintenance/shell.php and type in $wgHooks. This will miss hooks registered via the other method, and hooks which are conditionally registered (e.g. only for API calls), but it still works 99% of the time. Otherwise, you'll have to grep for it, as Sam said.

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