I have a macro that generates x datasets test1, test2, test3,...,testx, which I want to append to a dataset called test0. I cannot use regular proc append, because two of the columns from test0 are renamed, thus getting a different position:

Now I would like to make a macro called "set" or whatever, such that I can use it in the following merge:

data final;

,where set = "set test0 test1 ... testx"

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Put X into a macro variable. For example if there are 5 of them then

%let x=5 ;

Then since your tables are nicely named with numbered suffixes you can just use a range of datasets in the SET statement. Like this:

data final ;
  set test0 - test&x ;
  • Brilliant! Thank you very much! – Erosennin Mar 12 at 16:05

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