I am using the meta package to run a meta-analysis and produce forest plots. I have several different datasets and each is producing a forest plot with different scales on the x-axis. I am trying to edit the code so that the xlim can be changed, but nothing changes.



Produced a plot with x axis in the range -0.7 - 0.7

I would like to limit the x axis to -0.4 - 0.4

I've tried:

forest(m1, xlim=c(-0.4,0.4))

But nothing changes

I have also tried:

fores(m1, xlim=c(-0.4,0.4), asp=NA)

Again, nothing changes. Any ideas?

  • Are you using metamean before forest ? Could you try this code and let me know? m1 <- metamean(rep(100, 3), 1:3, rep(1, 3)) and forest(m1, xlim=c(0,4)) ? It works on my R. – Marco Sandri Mar 12 '18 at 17:10

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