How do I get the date of the first day of the week and the date of the last day of the week with Moment.js?

I need to get the date from the first day of the week to the date of the last day of the current week that I'm basing on the current day.

I read the documentation https://momentjs.com/docs/ and I found the weekday () function, but I need to get the first day of the week and the last day of the week based on the current date, how do I do this using Moment?

I need this to filter the data of an Observable according to the period: Month, Week ...

var start_date = moment(this.start_date, 'DD/MM/YYYY').format('YYYY-MM-DD')
var final_date = moment(this.final_date, 'DD/MM/YYYY').format('YYYY-MM-DD')

this.transacoesList = this.transacoesList
  .filter((v) => {

    var release_date = moment(v.release_date, 'DD-MM-YYYY').format('YYYY-MM-DD');

    if (moment(release_date).isBetween(start_date, final_date, null, '[]')) {
      return true;

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You are on the right track. The weekday function can be used to get the Monday and Friday of the current week.

var now = moment();
var monday = now.clone().weekday(1);
var friday = now.clone().weekday(5);
var isNowWeekday = now.isBetween(monday, friday, null, '[]');

console.log(`now: ${now}`);
console.log(`monday: ${monday}`);
console.log(`friday: ${friday}`);
console.log(`is now between monday and friday: ${isNowWeekday}`);

Direct link to the Moment.js docs on the weekday function here: https://momentjs.com/docs/#/get-set/weekday/

  • 1
    thanks, helped a lot, did not know the clone function () Mar 12, 2018 at 23:27
  • isn't monday at index 0, and friday at index 4?
    – Ziarno
    May 21, 2019 at 11:58
  • 1
    @Ziarno, according to the linked documentation, weekday is locale aware. Depending on your locale, weekday(0) may be either Monday or Sunday. A more portable solution to always select Monday and Friday, regardless of locale, might be to use isoWeekday (isoWeekday(1) and isoWeekday(5)).
    – Mike Hill
    May 22, 2019 at 19:21

Getting first & last day of current week is as simple as the following:

let currentDate = moment();
let weekStart = currentDate.clone().startOf('week');
let weekEnd = currentDate.clone().endOf('week');

Then you can format it

let formatted = weekEnd.format('YYYY-MM-DD');

Moment's weekday function returns 0 when a day is the first day of the week for your locale. Therefore if the weekday is 0 for today's date, you're already at the first day of this week. If it's not 0, simply subtract that many days (Moment has functions for adding and subtracting days from a date) from the current date, and then you'll have the first day of the week.

Once you have the first day of the week, add 6 days to that and you'll have the last day of the week.

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